i like aomine daiki and makishima yuusuke a lil bit too much


well i drew more of these faster than i thought i would ahaha;;;


Japan’s really good at textbook doodles. More examples here.


stripped to the bone in a matter of seconds




Shitteru yo. Cast Talk

First part is Waccha and Murase while the second part is Maenu and Tori-chan :))

PS. Murase Ayumu is effin’ cute, I swear _(:3 」∠)_ _(:3 」∠)_


Hatano: - Actually, even before this recording, I’ve heard from people in the industry things like “Murase-kun was done by Hatano-kun”.

Murase: - What? Really?

Hatano: - I’m also surprised, but it will stay in the industry’s history.

Murase: - Pff, it will stay in the industry’s history. But, really…

Hatano: - I’m thinking of saying that Murase-kun’s first was me from now on too…

Murase: - Yes. Please go ahead. I’ve thought various times that I’m really glad that my first was Hatano-san.

Hatano: - Ah, please put reverberation on that part just now.

Murase: - Eh, really?

Hatano: - It’s a happy thing to hear.

(I’m sure you get that he’s talking about his first BLCD)